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Dive Andaman (India) Pvt. Ltd Diving Safaris to the North Andamanís Are you interested in being among the first divers EVER to visit and dive an area? Havelock still has a lot of undiscovered sites and hidden potential. We have started diving safaris to the two new, pristine locations in the North Andamanís: Long Island and Mayabunder. We are offering 4 day dive safaris to Long Island EVERY MONDAY Mayabunder trips. for now, are for group trips only. If you are a dive travel operator or a member of a diving club interested in a very different experience, please let us know and we can incorporate this into your Andamans trip. There is very limited tourism infrastructure in the North, especially the region we will be visiting.

The Lonely Planet doesn't have any info on it. Even the dive sites don't have names (U2 would be proud). This is about as undiscovered as it can get. We've been doing some research and some exploratory forays here, fuelled by stories about lost WW2 shipwrecks and regular whale sightings to go with unexplored reefs and shoals (where not even fishermen go). We've found some very interesting sites, and are hot on the trail of at least 2 wrecks. And we also have access to dive sites that, until now, were only accessible via live aboard. Please use the links on the top for more info, or contact us for more details.